Friday, October 26, 2007

Morning Sweep

Although Cornell students and Ithaca "townies" may clash over many things, the fight for LGBT rights seems to be the area where the two communities work well together.

Mitt Romney sparred with a 15-year old in Massachusetts resident over his back-and-forth position on gay rights and abortion. Mother Jones writes about Log Cabin's campaign against Romney.

AfterEllen reviews Oprah's "Gay Around the World" episode, in which Oprah claimed that a global gay rights revolution was underway.

Same-sex marriage was an issue of debate between two candidates running for a state senate seat in New Jersey.

Mike Gravel tells Queerty that he and Dennis Kucinich are the only presidential candidates supporting full equality for LGBT people--and that our community should expect nothing less from any candidate.

Davis Senior High School in Davis, CA elected a gay couple as their homecoming royalty.

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