Friday, October 19, 2007

Morning Sweep

LGBT rights are sure to be a focus of conversation at the Values Voters Conference, which will host John McCain, Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney. You can see "semi-live" video of the conference at Good As You.

The U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force unknowingly placed recruitment ads on gay websites, according to the New York Post.

Virginia's State Senate may switch from a Republican to a Democratic majority after elections next month. This has some Republicans taking a friendlier approach to LGBT issues.

House leadership will allow Rep. Tammy Baldwin to introduce an amendment next week that would restore gender identity protections to ENDA.

A column in the Washington Blade calls for activists to stop their "Barney bashing."

David Mixner uses the Pride Agenda, MassEquality and Equality California as examples of a trend that sees more effective activism in the LGBT rights movement on the state level rather than the federal level.

Being gay and Muslim was the topic of a speech given at Columbia yesterday, as part of the university's Queer Awareness Month.

Workshops for gay and lesbian couples who are/are interested in becoming parents will be held across the state in the next couple of months. Here's some info on the one in Binghamton.

Students at Potsdam High School in Potsdam, NY are lobbying to allow a lesbian couple to be eligible for Homecoming King and Queen.

Gay City News provides its review of last week's Fall Dinner

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