Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Morning Sweep

Another anti-gay Republican lawmaker (this time from Washington) has found himself in a gay sex scandal. How cliche this is becoming... Good As You has full coverage.

New scientific research suggests that HIV came to the US from Haiti (via Africa) in 1969 and infections spread for about 12 years before the virus was detected.

Long Island is about to get its first-ever gay friendly business directory.

The New York Times yesterday featured a story about the decline of "gayborhoods" in American cities, specifically discussing the Castro in SF, West Hollywood in LA and the West Village in New York City.

A Baltimore-based transgender Methodist minister will be able to keep his job, according to the church's top court.

Syracuse University is taking steps to make its campus health center more LGBT friendly.

An NYU student/columnist thinks that people shouldn't be able to choose a sexual orientation preference when searching for roommates.

A recent poll of New Jersey voters shows that 48% support same-sex marriage, while 44% oppose it. Three in five between the ages of 18-29 support same-sex marriage compared with a near even split among voters aged 30-64. Unsurprisingly, people who have gay friends or relatives were much more likely to support full marriage equality than those who didn't.

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Anonymous said...

yes.. another g.o.p. hypocrite discovered. i hope this opens the eyes of mainstream america.
i hope this also opens up a bigger debate. does homosexual behavior make one gay? i'm not so sure this curtis person is 100% wrong when he says "i'm not gay". that implies so much more that having sex with someone of your own gender.
i really believe it is diminishing, insulting even, to say that people who have homosexual relations are by definition gay. No, my friends. Gay people do have homo sex indeed. But that's not what makes them gay. Many people who identify as gay, but not bi, have had hetero sex too. Does that make them hetero? Not at all...
Perhaps the debate should gyrate more towards love? i don't know the answer, but i really think it's reductionist to say that people who have gay sex are gay. Behavior and identity are quite different.