Friday, August 3, 2007

Morning Sweep

A principal at a New Jersey high school has cancelled performances of Matthew Shepard-inspired "The Laramie Project" out of "homophobia and fear," according to the school's drama teacher.

Openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson announced yesterday that he is endorsing Barack Obama for president. He did, however, note that Obama (along with the other Democrat frontrunners) still wasn't where he needed to be on the issue of marriage equality.

Ithaca's rally against the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church was hugely successful: more than 270 people showed up in solidarity with LGBT people while only 4 were present from Westboro Baptist.

A sad story of a St. Louis man who has been convicted of fraud for arranging a sham marriage so that his partner--who is not a US citizen--could stay in the country. It is an additional piece of evidence that stresses the need to pass Congressman Nadler's Uniting American Families Act.

According to a Brooklyn judge, the three men who are to stand trial for the murder of 29-year old Michael Sandy will be tried for an anti-gay hate crime, which--if convicted--carries a minimum sentence of 20 years in prison.

Gay City News writes about the black gay community uniting to fight increasing HIV/AIDS infections.

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Paul said...

It really is a shame that a Principal such as Julia Davidow doesn't see the irony in canceling a play about homophobia for fear of homophobia - is this really the type of person that should be running a school?