Monday, August 13, 2007

Morning Sweep

In examining last week's HRC/Logo gay debate, columnist Jim David wishes that no one cared about the gays (via Huffington Post).

The Union for Reform Judaism has added blessings for transgender people into the second edition of its LGBT-inclusive prayerbook.

Jonathan Capehart from the Washington Post nails Bill Richardson for his "it's a choice" comment, but feels that gay people should be pretty happy with where the Democratic frontrunners are on the marriage issue.

Using the sad example of 18-year old David Ritcheson, Chicago Tribune nicely pulls together exactly why it is that we need a federal hate crimes law.

Just a few miles north, but so much more enlightened: openly gay Canadian lawmakers are getting married. Legally.

The Pride Agenda's Joe Tarver calls Rudy Giuliani's murky support for domestic partnerships "pretty un-Giuliani-like" in a story today in the Boston Globe.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has voted to accept gay pastors with the caveat that they remain celibate. Might as well just become a Catholic priest and get the free housing.

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