Friday, August 17, 2007

Off-Sprung: Beer & BBQ at Cattyshack on Sun, Aug. 26

Off-Sprung!, the Pride Agenda's series of events for the next generation of LGBT leadership, is packing up and heading to Brooklyn for Beer & BBQ at Cattyshack on Sunday, Aug. 26!

Stop by and meet other fabulous twenty and thirty-somethings who are helping to make New York a better place for LGBT people...and looking good while doing it.

Cattyshack may be known as a popular place for the ladies, but this event is truly for both guys and gals. So whether you’re looking to get involved, network or even just make some new friends, join us in Park Slope on Sunday, Aug. 26.

For more info or to RSVP (not required) and invite others, go to the Off-Sprung Beer & BBQ event page on Facebook.

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Anonymous said...

are those of us who don't" look good still invited?