Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Morning Sweep

Democratic presidential candidate (and CT Senator) Chris Dodd, who wasn't present at the HRC/Logo debate last week, posts answers on his website to all of the questions asked during the debate/forum.

Methodists who own a popular, traditionally communal beachfront pavilion in Ocean Grove, New Jersey have called upon the anti-gay Christian law firm Alliance Defense Fund to help end an investigation into claims by a lesbian couple that they were discriminated against by being denied use of the pavilion for their civil union ceremony.

Groups who are seeking to overturn two major pieces of pro-LGBT legislation in Oregon seem to be losing the battle.

A political columnist for the Providence Journal smartly advocates for legalizing gay marriage in Rhode Island.

GLAAD announced that it will now accept submissions from LGBT media for their media awards

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PG said...

That Davy Jones (a family-friendly but wholly secular musician) is welcome to the Ocean Grove facilities indicates that those facilities are not solely for religious purposes, but in fact are meant to serve the general public to some extent. However, the OGCMA claims that the United Methodist denomination specifically bans civil unions in its facilities, as it does not ban concerts by former members of the Monkees.