Monday, August 6, 2007

Morning Sweep

Highlighting the UPS incident as part of an ongoing problem with civil unions, the NYT calls for the NJ legislature to step up and provide marriage equality for same-sex couples.

With the Logo/HRC Forum set for this Thursday in L.A. the preview articles have begun. Newsweek posted its article on Saturday with a focus on Hillary Clinton complete with a picture of her from NYC’s 2006 Pride March. Read here about Chris Dodd dropping out of the Forum.

Thankfully, though, LGBT issues don’t have to wait for this Thursday to be discussed by the Presidential candidates. Almost every gathering this year has seen at least one important LGBT issue raised. At the Yearly Kos Convention this weekend a blogger asked Hillary about her position on the federal DOMA law. Read here.

And for those of you who are following Florida state representative Bob Allen’s problems down in Florida, Queerty provides us with his explanation on what happened when he was arrested for solicitation last month. (Yes this story can get better and it just did.)

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