Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Morning Sweep

This morning is all about Idaho Senator Larry Craig, the latest anti-gay Republican to be caught in a scandal involving lewd behavior of a (you guessed it) gay nature. BlogActive originally speculated on Sen. Craig's gay tendencies last year. But it wasn't until Roll Call posted a story yesterday on the Senator's June (mis)adventures that the story really started to gain traction. More here, here, here, here and here. We'll be saying more on this later...

In other news:

Deb Price is calling on Congress to get moving on pro-LGBT legislation (she specifically points to ENDA) before all attention is directed to the 2008 election.

If you have a subscription to the Wall Street Journal, you can read how Middle Eastern countries are now starting to market to gay and lesbian travelers. "You have to be creative and sometimes discreet," says a Middle Eastern gay services travel adviser. Sounds fun, huh?

A highly regarded principal of a school in Port Ewan, NY will be undergoing male-to-female transition surgery in the coming months. The school will be holding meetings to discuss transgender issues with students and parents.

GenderPAC released its 2007 Gender Equality National Index for Universities and Schools, which (among other things) evaluates how well schools across the country are handling issues of gender identity and expression.

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