Monday, June 9, 2008

Morning Sweep

The Gay and Lesbian Times mentions the Pride Agenda in its round-up of NYS same-sex marriage news.

Overcoming a long past of social stigma -- and a homophobic mayor -- LGBT communities thrive in Buffalo.

Buffalo News Op-Ed makes a classical case for equal rights.

The Albany Times Union celebrates the 25th anniversary of Waterworks, a historic landmark for local LGBT residents.

The first openly gay Anglican bishop Rev. Gene Robinson joins his partner of 20 years in a New Hampshire civil union.

The Episcopal Diocese of Albany wants to clear-up any confusion given recent events: it will only recognize straight marriages.

Attorneys general from 10 states signed-on to the Alliance Defense Fund’s petition to block Ca. marriages. The Christian conservative Defense Fund also sought an injunction against Gov. Paterson’s directive on marriage recognition for same-sex couples. Some gay couples will delay their weddings until after residents decide on a November ballot initiative whether they want marriage equality.

The University of California at Santa Cruz approves additional $75,000 to transgender student health insurance coverage.

The New York City Opera will commission a work inspired by Brokeback Mountain.

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