Monday, June 16, 2008

Morning Sweep

On Father’s Day, former GLAAD E.D. Joan Garry pens an poignant Op-Ed about her love for singing, sports and her favorite Irish tenor, her dad.

NY gay couples "go west" for their nuptials.

Towleroad compiles the latest news stories, as California gears up to start marrying same-gender couples starting at today at 5:01 PM PST.

New CBS polls find most Americans support marriage equality. A New York Times poll also reflects a steady upward trend towards granting gay couples the rights that come with marriage.

After 55 years, a Ca. lesbian couple are ready to tie the knot and will be the first to do so in San Francisco.

A secular, Jewish organization in California will officiate same-gender marriages. Mazel Tov!

The Detroit Free Press muses over how the debate over marriage equality has defined modern conceptions of family, civil rights and the political process in America.

The in-love, the indifferent and the divorced: the New York Times checks in in with Massachusetts gay couples on the four-year anniversary of the State legalizing the marriages of same-sex partners. fields questions about Oregon’s own transgender father-to-be.

We are family! Ma. Gov. Deval Patrick marches with wife and lesbian daughter in Boston Pride parade.

The Bishop of London is peeved over a commitment ceremony of two Anglican priests.

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