Thursday, June 26, 2008

Morning Sweep

The Advocate examines how Bruno’s retirement and Skelos’ new spot as Senate Majority Leader might affect the fight for marriage equality in New York.

Newsday reports that there’s still much confusion to be cleared up about Paterson’s memo recognizing out-of-state marriage of same-sex couples as legal in New York.

Metroland has an interview with Nora Yates,
Executive Director of the Capital District Gay & Lesbian Community Council (and former Pride Agenda Field Director), about developments in gay rights over the past few decades and the implications for LGBT New Yorkers.

The cost of a marriage license in New York: $35. The current cost of a domestic partnership: $36. Our quote that in addition to removing the $1 price difference, we’d like real marriage equality, please: priceless.

McCain met with the Log Cabin Republicans earlier this week, but shhh, it’s a secret: the meeting wasn’t listed on his public schedule.

Those desert-dwellers are at it again: a same-sex marriage ban amendment in Arizona has so far failed to make it on to the Nov. ballot, but it could be up for a re-vote tomorrow.

A Huffington Post blogger reflected yesterday on the five year anniversary of the Lawrence v. Texas Supreme Court case that struck down U.S. sodomy laws.

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