Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Morning Sweep

The AP has vignettes from some of the first Ca. marriage ceremonies that took place last night.

The New York Times’ Lede blog has a touching thread of stories by Ca. same-sex couples who now plan to get married and others who support them.

One such couple includes a gay country clerk whose office oversees more than a thousand marriages a year. Finally this year, his will be included in the tally.

The L.A. Times’ editorial board voices their support for gay marital bliss…

…But a roundup in the same publication explains that worldwide, there’s still much prejudice against marriage equality to overcome.

Gay and lesbian couples planning to exchange vows should keep the ceremonies low-key so as not to provide fuel for opponents, the L.A. Times warns. You know, because straight couples never make unfortunate wedding choices.

Independent LGBT films aren’t doing as well this pride season as in past years.

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