Monday, June 23, 2008

Morning Sweep

Some State religious leaders are enlightening their congregations on marriage equality, while other clergy decry Gov. Paterson’s support of same-sex couples' marriage rights.

An NY bishop is outed posthumously in his daughter’s memoir.

On Saturday, a group of concerned citizens marched through Brooklyn to raise awareness for the growing incidents of anti-LGBT violence in New York City. The NYC Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project received 2,430 calls in 2007 reporting anti-LGBT violence, a small fraction of those who experience such bias-motivated crime.

Westchester Counter Exec. Andrew Spano will re-argue marriage equality before an Appeals Court.

The Nashua Telegraph concludes its "In Transition" series, which seeks to "to inform our readers on New Hampshire’s transgender community," with a heartening story of a mother and her transgender tween.

Gay folks across America are California dreamin’; a recent survey ranks the state as the number-one gay tourist destination in the nation.

Equality California have filed a suit to protect same-sex couple’s marriage rights against a proposed constitutional amendment.

Gay service members discharged under the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy can apply for lateral transfers in other federal agencies, the New York Times reports.

LGBT Pride celebrations kick-off in New York City and in India.

Florida Governor -- and Republican veep short-lister -- Charlie Crisp has yet to find the "right one."

Religious police in Saudi Arabia crash a big gay party, arresting dozens of men initially and detaining 21 men after all.

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