Monday, June 2, 2008

Recent reactions to the Gov.’s same-sex marriage action

Since the news broke on Thursday, the media has not only reported but reacted to Gov. Paterson’s directive to state agencies to respect all legal out of state same-sex marriages. Here’s what they’ve been saying:

The New York Times reports efforts to block Paterson’s marriage directive, including a lawsuit from Arizona’s Alliance Defense Fund and possible action from Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno.

Harlem residents have mixed reactions to the news of Paterson’s support for same-sex marriage.

In Newsday, a Republican source says Paterson has dug a hole for Democrats in the next election, while a Democrat source says he admires the Gov’s foresight.

Future political implications aside, Newsday also reports that there isn’t much same-sex marriage foes can do at this point to block Paterson’s directive.

The Daily News and the Post think the Gov jumped the gun, and he should wait for the legislature to take action. Hey, Daily News and Post, pop quiz: how many branches of government are there? (Hint: more than one!)

A Journal News editorial congratulates Paterson for taking action where Bruno and the Senate have been stalling.

And the Ithaca Journal says there’s an easy way to end all this squabbling: the Senate just needs to pass the marriage equality bill!

The Albany Times Union criticizes Paterson for not doing enough as Gov. so far, and says his marriage directive has created more hostility between him and the legislature.

Republican Assemblywoman Teresa Sayward, a supporter of the LGBT community, says it’s only fair to recognize out of state same sex marriages as legal in NY.

The Legislative Gazette and Poughkeepsie Journal (Gannett) has reactions from both sides of the issue.

Pride festivals in the Hudson Valley were reenergized by the excitement of Paterson’s support for the community.

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