Monday, April 30, 2007

Morning Sweep - the Marriage Bill edition

Gov. Spitzer's marriage bill announcement (round-up):

Gay City News broke the story (along with this blog) and wrote an editorial on the work done by key players to get to this point.

New York Times writes a follow-up to the news that they broke last Monday on Spitzer's intent to introduce a marriage bill before the end of the legislative session.

Buffalo News provides a great explanation on the NYS Dept. of Civil Service announcement to make legally married same-sex spouses of government employees eligible for benefits.

The Albany Times-Union provides a look on where state legislators in the Capitol Region stand on the issue of marriage equality.

A particularly poignant editorial in Newsday explains how the U.S. needs to look to South Africa's moral leadership on ending discrimination against same-sex couples.

The NY Daily News wrote an editorial calling on the legislature to act on this issue.

Journal News covers reaction in Rockland County, including comments from Nyack's openly gay mayor John Shields.

The Brooklyn Courier papers tell where that borough's state representatives stand on the issue .

There were also broadcast segments on NY1 and Channel 12 Long Island. The Channel 12 piece is particularly good because it highlights why marriage equality is especially important for gay couples who need the protections of marriage for their children.

In other news...

Sadly, a group of African American pastors is lobbying fiercely against the passage of the Hate Crimes Bill.

Support/opposition for same-sex marriage in Connecticut is split pretty evenly, with support edging out opposition 49% to 46%, but the trend is towards those in support, reports the Hartford Courant.

Pam Spaulding tells us about the real gay agenda.

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