Thursday, April 5, 2007

Paul Schindler says "Go to Albany!"

Gay City News EIC Paul Schindler makes a very compelling argument for showing up in Albany on May 1 for LGBT Equality & Justice Day (full disclosure: E&J Day is organized by the Pride Agenda):

"Gender identity bias and school anti-bullying measures will be part of that day's agenda, but marriage will clearly be at the top of the list. A unified front on marriage--including the governor and all leading legislative proponents standing behind a bill introduced in both the Assembly and Senate--would provide a wonderful tonic to enliven the grassroots advocacy.

But nothing is more important than an energized community proving to the elected officials that they have placed their bet on activists and citizens interested in winning."

Read the full editorial here.
Register for Equality & Justice Day here.

...and a few words from State Senator Tom Duane, courtesy of the multi-talented folks at Good As You. You can see even more of the July 6, 2006 Rally on the Day of the Marriage Decision at Sheridan Square in NYC by visiting G-A-Y.

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Anonymous said...

That clip is great! Angry people are in short supply these days, particularly angry people that make the effort to get up from their computers and make a real live appearance at a rally.