Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Morning Sweep

Today is Day of Silence.

State University College at Oneonta will be hosting a panel discussion on the widely-used phrase "that's so gay."

The hetero mayor of Madison and a few city council members have added a note of protest to their oath of office in response to Wisconsin's recent voter-enacted same-sex marriage ban.

The Oregon state House has passed two major pieces of pro-LGBT legislation: a domestic partners bill and a sexual orientation non-discrimination bill. The domestic partner bill would provide some of the same rights that married couples receive, but the legislation does not go as far as the civil unions laws in New Jersey or Connecticut. Both bills must now pass the state Senate and must be signed into law by Gov. Ted Kulongoski (who has already voiced support).

A gay fireman in Bellevue, WA is suing the city for the spousal rights (and respect) that he believes that he's entitled to (insert Joan Crawford quote here).

The special election to fill the vacant 65th Assembly seat (Manhattan--Upper East Side) has finally been called for May 22. Openly LGBT and reform-minded Democrat Micah Kellner is almost certain to win the election. The seat was formerly held by Pete Grannis, who was recently approved as the the NYS DEC Chairman. In his role as an assemblyman, Grannis was a great supporter of the LGBT community.

An interesting story in the Times today points out the night-and-day differences between Assemblyman and Senator Diaz (son and father, respectively). The younger is good on many LGBT issues (we don't know yet where he stands on marriage) and the elder is notoriously anti-gay.

***UPDATE: We have just learned that the Special Election in the 65th Assembly District will NOT be on May 22, as previously called. The new date is June 5.

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