Thursday, April 26, 2007

Morning Sweep

Metro New York points out that there are things that Gov. Spitzer can do all by himself to grant marriage rights to New Yorkers.

A spokesperson for Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno implied that Spitzer's only priorities for this legislative session are abortion, same-sex marriage and campaign finance reform. Even though that's not true, last we checked those issues were supported by the majority of New Yorkers...

Latin America is slowly becoming more gay friendly.

Iowa's state House passed legislation that would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the state's civil-rights laws. The bill had already passed in the state Senate and now goes to Iowa's governor, who is expected to sign the bill into law.

Domestic partnership legislation passes a committee vote in the Oregon State Senate, which will bring the bill to a floor vote. The Senate is expected to pass the bill and give it over to Gov. Kulongoski, who has already said that he'll sign it into law--possibly as early as next week.

New Hampshire's civil unions bill is expected to be signed very soon--which will make New England the first region in the U.S. where every state offers some measure of protection to same-sex couples.

The federal Hate Crimes Bill passed a House Judiciary Committee vote last night, which brings the bill to a floor vote.

A researcher in England has discovered text from an eighteenth century scroll detailing charges against a man who might be the oldest recorded gay rights activist.

**ADDITION: An LA Times sports writer comes out as a transgender person--in a newspaper column. A moving account of self-acceptance and the support he's found as he has begun his transition from Mike to Christine.

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