Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Morning Sweep

The Politico features a nice profile on the work of the Family Pride Coalition and its executive director, Jennifer Chrisler. The article also touches on the work of her partner, former HRC President Cheryl Jacques.

The Hartford Courant advocates for replacing civil unions with full marriage equality for same-sex couples in Connecticut.

The California Supreme Court now gets the spotlight in the courtroom battle for marriage equality. Good As You provides a brief history of this case in the California courts. Californians can thank Arnold Schwarzeneggar for this protracted legal fight--he could have ended the debate by simply signing into law a marriage equality bill that the state legislature had passed in 2005.

San Francisco officials support lifting Cali's gay marriage ban (natch).

In an example of corporate leadership, the Meredith Corp. (publishes Ladies' Home Journal, Family Circle, Better Homes & Gardens, etc.) is advocating for the inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression non-discrimination language in Iowa's Civil Rights Act.

NOTE: Meredith's New York employees are already covered by New York's sexual orientation non-discrimination act, which passed the NYS legislature in 2002. New Yorkers are NOT yet, however, protected from gender expression/identity discrimination, but a bill that would outlaw such discrimination was introduced last month in both the State Senate and Assembly (for the fifth year in a row).

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