Monday, April 2, 2007

Morning Sweep

The AP writes about a new film project meant to educate about hate crimes based on sexual orientation. Reminds us why Rep. Conyers' hate crimes bill is so necessary.

The Sunday Times featured a fantastic piece about a CT family dealing gracefully with the coming out of a then 13-year old member of the family.

Edge Magazine in Boston writes about the impact that gay bloggers are having on the movement.

Stressing diversity, the New York State Democratic Party has changed the way that Presidential delegates are selected, including setting aside a specific number of delegates representing LGBT people.

The Post reports that newly elected NYS Assemblyman Matthew Titone's (D-Staten Island) partner of ten years remains closeted at work for fear of prejudice. Read more about Titone's recent victory here.

In a column in the Hartford Courant, Harvey Fierstein explains why civil unions are "un-American." We agree. The Times adds their two cents, as well.

A weird tidbit from the Golden State: a recent poll shows that more Californians are in favor of legalizing gay marriage than legalizing ferret domestication. While the poll is less-than-scientific, the percentage of those supporting marriage isn't so encouraging: just 43 percent (with 38 percent supporting the ferrets).

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Ron Buckmire said...

Ferrets are dangerous, gay marriage isn't!