Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Morning Sweep

John Edwards announced that several prominent LGBT leaders have endorsed his presidential run, including fellow New Yorker and veteran political advisor David Mixner. More here.

Assemblymember Pete Grannis has officially resigned, paving way for likely replacement (and would-be fourth openly LGBT legislator in the NYS Legislature) Micah Kellner. The date for the special election has not yet been determined, but is expected to be called very shortly.

More negotiations on the language of two proposed pro-LGBT bills in Oregon, including changing the term "civil union" to "domestic partnership." Also, rather disturbingly, in the non-discrimination bill language was added to appease religious groups:

The revisions make it clear that faith groups, including those not tied to a specific church or denomination, could avoid hiring or serving people based on their sexual orientation. Language also was added to make it clear that religious schools, day-care centers, camps, thrift stores, book stores, radio stations and shelters are exempted.

There is still a possibility that one or both of the bills could be put to a public vote. More here.

A great column in the Boston Globe points out the lack of leadership on LGBT issues from those who are best suited to move hearts and minds.

MyLeftNutmeg shows us some of the more creative anti-gay arguments before the CT state Legislature during a discussion on the marriage equality bill. Couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!

Openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson spoke in favor of civil unions at a State Senate hearing in New Hampshire, arguing that same-sex unions do not threaten religion.

Steve Stanton, who was fired from his post as city manager in Largo, FL because he is transgender, plans to go national with his activism.

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