Thursday, September 6, 2007

Morning Sweep

Sam Brownback was booed at last night's debate between Republican presidential candidates when he stated that he believed that there should be a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

Always progressive, the Netherlands has initiated a publicly funded web-based campaign to aid young people through the coming out process.

As the Jewish high holidays approach, some openly gay observant Jews are hosting viewings of the controversial film "Trembling Before G-d," which deals with issues of homosexuality within the Orthodox community.

One of the two Wachowskis (the filmmaking siblings who brought us The Matrix trilogy) is coming out as a transgender woman. Lana (formerly Larry) and her brother Andy will sit down in front of cameras to discuss her transition after the release of their latest project, Speed Racer.

Connecticut's state legislature may pass a transgender non-discrimination bill during the next legislative session.

As the school year starts, a column in the Buffalo News makes the case once again for the need to guarantee a safe educational environment for LGBT students.

And if you're still interested in what the papers are saying about the Larry Craig affair, you can read this, this, this and this for a range of New York perspectives.


Bill Perdue said...

With the advent of Fred Thompsons announcement Republicans have their own well rounded field of candidates to choose from.

Brownback is a christian totalitarian and proud of it. Keep your eye on this one – his constant repetition of radically antigay, racist, anti-female, and anti immigrant views will attract those in need of a Fuehrer. He knows all about what happened in the camps and what ‘up the chimney’ means.

Giuliani in or out of drag takes one step forward and two steps backward every time he opens his mouth about gay and lesbian equality, not unlike Senator Clinton. His pandering will earn him our contempt and that of the totalitarian christians.

Ala Reagan, Fred Thompson, another soon to be senile old actor, will do and say what his coaches tell him to do to get elected. His antigay hatred is the real thing, not read from a script.

McCain flew attack missions during the LBJ/Nixon Democrat/Republican illegal war against the Vietnamese. He wants to be treated like a hero for killing Vietnamese. He wants to be commander in chief and organize the killing of a lot of Iraqis. He needs to be institutionalized.

And there’s that twit from Arkansas, but he doesn’t play the sax, like the other twit from Arkansas, so who cares?
Opposed are the serious Democrat candidates who are unanimous in their opposition to full equality for gays add lesbians, would extend or even enlarge the war in the Persian Gulf, who oppose universal citizenship and constitutional rights for immigrant workers, socialized medicine, and who voted to extend Bush’s Enabling Act, the Patriot Act. Edwards, who invested his fortune (how DO politicians manage to get so rich?) in a mortgage company that’s currently foreclosing like mad. Clinton agrees with Bush’s almost completed plan to use nukes against Iran and his opposition to the Cuban Revolution. Obama talks to god. Kucinich and Gravel are too radical to be approved by the party owners.
So, hold you nose and take your pick. In the one paw you have the Democrat/Republicans, and in the other the Republican/Democrats. Of course, you don’t have to vote for your enemies if you don’t want to. Vote for socialist, communist or anticapitalist green parties, or vote for and help build the US Labor Party, funded and controlled by trade unions.

Unknown said...

The article in the Buffalo News by Cindy Crane should be posted in every school's office, faculty room and guidance office. It is imperative to children and adolescents in their formative years to feel safe when dealing with the multitude issues that every student faces. No student, teacher or administrator should feel ostracized for their orientation and positive, supportive, reinforcing education is the only way we will achieve this.