Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Morning Sweep

A bizarre twist in the Michael Sandy murder trial: one of the defendants accused of perpetrating the hate crime came out as gay and insists that he was going to tell his friends the night of the killing and, according to his attorney "maybe get lucky."

HRC released its 2008 Corporate Equality Index yesterday. The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle was quick to point out that there are four Rochester-area corporations with a perfect 100 rating.

A straight ally reports about a gay group at Syracuse University that deals with the complexities facing LGBT people of color.

A Methodist-owned boardwalk pavilion on the New Jersey shore has lost its tax exemption status because it denied a lesbian couple use of the facilities for their civil union ceremony.

Gov. Schwarzenegger announced that he will again veto the marriage equality bill passed by both chambers of the California state legislature.

It looks like even Marty Markowitz is doubting his own endorsement of anti-gay (and perennial candidate) Noach Dear for a Brooklyn Civil Court seat.

And finally, this cartoon was forwarded to me by a reader:


Unknown said...

It's truly a shame that Gov. Schwarzenegger continually ignores the majority of his constituency by vetoing the marriage equality bill being placed on his desk. I wonder if the voters will remember this come re-election time?

Anonymous said...

Well Paul, this is historically what happens when the American people insist on populating their political offices with hack actors and has-been entertainers.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura, Sonny Bono, Shirley Temple, Ronald Reagan... Is this a "who's who of politics" or a list of previous cameos from "The Love Boat"???

Thanks for the post!

The Divine Grace