Monday, September 10, 2007

Morning Sweep

The Saturday New York Times had a front page story about Mitt Romney's rapid backpedaling on his previous support for LGBT issues.

Evangelicals--desperate for a presidential candidate they can rally around--are having troubles cozying up to Fred Thompson, partly because of his ambiguous stance on some gay issues.

In a story about a Hudson Valley principal coming out as transgender, students seem much more enlightened than some of the older community members. But overall, Genna Suraci (formerly Gary) has met support and encouragement.

More and more American universities are offering courses--and even minors--in LGBT studies.

The Buffalo News has a profile on BlogActive founder Mike Rogers, formerly a Buffalo-area LGBT activist and founder of the Buffalo Gay Men's Chorus.

Newsweek's international edition features a cover story called "Sex and The Macho Man" and deals with increasing acceptance of homosexuality in the non-Western world. (via Blabbeando)

Gus Van Sant's Harvey Milk biopic is set to star Sean Penn (as Milk) and Matt Damon (as Milk's killer) and will be produced by the duo who put together American Beauty.

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