Thursday, September 27, 2007

Morning Sweep

A New Jersey commission is set to review the civil unions law. Same-sex couples and allies will testify before the New Jersey Civil Union Review Commission to point out the current law's shortcomings and call for full marriage equality.

A serious new development has arisen in the U.S. House effort to pass ENDA: possibly removing gender identity/expression from the bill's language in order to increase the chance of passage.

The New York Press points out that the recently announced rapid increases of HIV/AIDS diagnoses is something that the gay community should take very seriously.

A high school student in Staten Island was arrested for a assaulting two lesbian classmates, first in a restaurant, then at a mall. The student will face charges of third degree assault as a hate crime.

New York Democrats may be running a popular former NFL player as a candidate for State Senate in the district that includes Syracuse.

The LA Times profiles T.R. Knight and discusses a difficult year for the openly gay and low-key Grey's Anatomy star.

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Unknown said...

I hope that everyone takes the time to read the New York Press's article on the very serious increase of HIV/AIDS in NYC. You should pass it on to friends and family. This passive attitude towards HIV/AIDS will cost another generation of the gay community their health, or worse their lives, if we do not act to curb this resurgence of infection.