Friday, September 7, 2007

Morning Sweep

Mike Rogers, creator of BlogActive and "outer" of Larry Craig, posted a warning to those like Craig on the Huffington Post yesterday.

A columnist writing in Politico suggests that the recent Iowa court ruling in favor of "gender-neutral" marriages may end up--like the 2003 Massachusetts ruling--hurting the short-term political advancement of the LGBT community.

Tennessee Republican Fred Thompson (officially) entered the presidential race on Tuesday night. The AP has a concise list of his position on important issues.

Jeff Bercovici, media blogger for Conde Naste's Portfolio magazine, called out the New York Post for being homophobic.

Gay City News has a profile on the anti-gay (and anti-pretty much anything progressive) former NYC Councilmember Noach Dear, who is running for office in Brooklyn...for like the 700th time.

We love Brothers & Sisters, Rachel Griffiths and gay kissing.

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