Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Morning Sweep

In an editorial, The Baltimore Sun expresses the need for Maryland's governor and state legislature to do what the state's high court could not do and pass a marriage equality bill. The editorial also discusses how it's becoming increasingly difficult for judges to rationalize denying same-sex couples the ability to legally marry.

Bill Richardson guest blogs on the Bilerico Project, calling for action on ENDA in the House and Hate Crimes in the Senate.

Fast becoming one of my favorite bloggers, Jeff Bercovici at Portfolio's "Media Matters" blog explains why the New York Post seems to be so homophobic.

The LA Times reports on a a transgender career expo recently held in Atlanta, GA. The story discusses the difficulties that transgender people often face within the entire spectrum of employment, from interviewing to transitioning in the workplace.

A student group at NYU held its first-ever LGBT talent show.

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