Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Morning Sweep

Startling new statistics reveal that young gay men in New York City--especially men of color--are contracting HIV at increasingly high rates.

New York City Comptroller--and likely 2009 mayoral candidate--Bill Thompson is hosting an LGBT cocktail reception at XES on September 19.

Because there are apparently so many lesbians in Hollywood, W Magazine has begun calling them the "Rubyfruit Mafia."

Former Top Chef contestant and lesbian Josie Smith-Malave was, along with a group of friends, a victim of an anti-gay bias attack in Long Island over labor day weekend.

NYPD arrested more than a dozen employees of Mr. Black, and temporarily closed down the NoHo gay nightclub. DJs, waiters and bartenders were arrested for allegedly selling drugs. One employee, however, noted that the police officers were blatantly homophobic, saying things like "Sorry, homos, you're gonna have to find somewhere else to go hang out" to the crowd of patrons who were forced to leave. According to witnesses, the officers also used the term "fairy" in passing and referred to the transgender door-woman as "it."

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