Monday, September 17, 2007

Morning Sweep

NYC's LGBT Center hosted a "Men Having Babies" workshop yesterday, which guided interested gay couples through the complicated process of surrogacy.

A civilian review panel in Rochester has determined likely wrongdoing by local police officers in their response to an anti-gay bias crime last June. The police officers allegedly let the attackers go and instead harassed the group of gay and straight victims.

The New York Times over the weekend featured a moving story written by a seventeen-year old lesbian about what it's like to be out and living in the Far Rockaway neighborhood of Queens.

Congressional leaders expect movement on the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act in the near future, possibly as soon as this week.

It's the New York Times vs. the New York Post in the (most recent) battle over the Post's usage of the term "gay lifestyle."

Sen. Joe Biden spoke about gay issues to an Iowa crowd over the weekend. Most of his positions are good, but he panders to religion (unnecessarily) in his case for civil unions and against full marriage equality.

And from Neil Patrick Harris bringing his boyfriend to Tina Fey thanking the 30 Rock cast and crew's same-sex partners, last nights Emmy's were as gay as it gets.

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