Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Morning Sweep

A column in the Boston Globe points out that the Republican Party's use of gay issues as a wedge closely resembles the strategies that the Party once used when dealing with issues of race and trying to attract white socially conservative voters.

Paradoxically, the Republican who (at one time) supported abortion, gay rights and gun control is currently leading the pack of GOP presidential contenders.

If you are unclear as to where Fred Thompson stands on the issue of marriage equality, watch this video clip (via Towleroad).

New Jersey Governor John Corzine stated the inevitability of full marriage equality in the Garden State, but said that advocates needed to wait until after the 2008 elections to push the issue forward.

The Advocate is turning 40. Along with a makeover (she needs it), the magazine is featuring the top 40 "heroes" of the LGBT world. Ellen DeGeneres is #1.

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