Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Equality & Justice Day - “This is how it happens”

Below is the next in our series of E&J stories. We'll see you at Equality & Justice Day on April 28!

Jennifer Greene, Bellport, Long Island:

I attended E&J Day in 2008, and am glad I did! I went with a friend from my Unitarian Universalist congregation--and we had a GREAT time together on the bus ride.

As a straight ally, I felt my presence at E&J Day was very much valued and appreciated. I attended three legislator meetings, and it was good to be there showing my support and also hearing the stories of my fellow E&J Day attendees, which reinforced my own understanding of why these lobbying efforts are so important.

As a parent, I was able to relate my own teen's observations of anti-LGBT bias at his school. It's clear that harassment based on someone's perceived orientation or gender expression is a safety issue for all our schools. I also enjoyed mentioning GroundSpark's "It's Elementary" documentary in my legislator meetings as an excellent resource that I want them to be aware of. The young children in that film "get it" when it comes to treating people fairly; shouldn't we ALL "get it”?

Thanks again for the opportunity to participate in pushing our lawmakers toward positive change--this is how it happens. People power!

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