Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Morning Sweep

Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas has vetoed the state’s same-sex marriage bill. The State Senate has already voted 23-5 to override the veto. The State House, which voted 96-52 in support of the bill, needs five more votes for a successful override.

Obama has chosen a second gay representative to join his faith-based council.

Iowa’s Senate Majority Leader has said he will not consider any proposals to begin the process to amend Iowa's constitution to overturn the same-sex marriage decision. "The politics of it are I'm not going to put discrimination in the Iowa Constitution," he said. "That's a horrible idea. The people who are pushing the amendment are saying equal protection under the law -- except. I think that's unacceptable."

Hawaii gay rights advocates are trying to find a compromise on the state’s stalled civil unions bill by proposing an amendment that would make it clearer that the unions are not the same as marriage.

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