Thursday, April 9, 2009

Morning Sweep

Pardon the lateness of our Morning Sweep. Our NYC office just got a new phone system, and despite our ability to communicate via blog, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, we're now stumped on how to make a voice call...

The New York Times provides insight from the leaders of gay rights organizations in New Jersey and New York – including the Pride Agenda’s Alan Van Capelle – on the progress of marriage equality legislation.

Gov. Paterson has announced his plan to introduce his own program bill for marriage equality in New York State. “It’s just another level of support that we anticipate and glad to have,” Alan Van Capelle said.

The Albany Times-Union editorializes in favor of gay rights in NY - the right to be counted in the Census and to be married - and expresses disappointment at the lack of legislative action.

Joe.My.God has pictures from last night’s Vermont marriage celebration at Union Square.

Because Congress has final oversight over measures passed by the Washington, D.C. City Council, the way it treats D.C.’s new measure to recognize the legal marriages of same-sex couples could signal its attitude toward DOMA and other gay rights legislation.

A coalition of 38 LGBT and HIV advocacy groups is calling for the removal of the last-minute Bush Administration expansion of federal rules prohibiting discrimination against health care workers on the basis of religion.

The Obama administration has launched a new 5-year campaign to increase awareness of HIV/AIDS in the U.S.

Hawaii’s civil unions bill appears to be dead in the water.

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