Monday, April 13, 2009

Morning Sweep

Will New Hampshire become the next state to pass a marriage bill? The State Assembly has already passed it, and the Senate will hold a hearing on Wednesday to discuss the possibility of doing the same. Democratic Gov. John Lynch opposes gay marriage but has not said whether he would veto the bill if it passes.

The New York Times writes on why same-sex marriage won’t likely be tackled by the U.S. Supreme Court any time soon.

LGBT rights advocates are hoping that the trial of the man accused of murdering Angie Zapata, a Colorado trans woman, will bring attention to the need for a federal hate crimes law.

The gay blogosphere is up in arms about an Amazon “glitch” that led to many LGBT books being de-ranked and classified as “adult literature.”

A right-wing Polish politician is upset that his country’s zoo spent $11 million on a “gay” elephant. The pachyderm prefers the company of other males and is aggressive toward females – a fact that apparently warrants national political attention. This stuff is too good to make up…

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