Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gov. Paterson introduces marriage equality program bill

The Pride Agenda just released the following statement by Executive Director Alan Van Capelle on Gov. Paterson's introduction of a marriage equality program bill today:

“We very much appreciate Governor Paterson introducing a marriage equality program bill into the legislature and continuing the momentum that has been growing on this important issue over the past several weeks. For a long time the governor has been a vocal advocate for passing legislation that would provide same-sex couples and our families the 1,324 rights and responsibilities that come with a New York State marriage license.

When the marriage bill passed in the State Assembly in 2007, Governor Paterson played an instrumental role in securing the needed votes in the moments leading up to the floor debate. The bill passed by a bipartisan vote of 85-61 and every single Assemblymember who voted for marriage on that night—Democrat and Republican—won their reelection last November. The Assembly and the Governor are on record in support of this bill, and a majority of New Yorkers support this bill. Now it’s time for the State Senate to get in line with the rest of New York.

There are now more than two months left before the end of the legislative session. During this time, our community will continue to talk to their State Senators at home where they live and in Albany to let them know how important this issue is and how it affects New York families in all corners of the state. This is how we have been successful in building support in the past and I am confident that this is how we will earn the support that we need in to pass the bill in the State Senate this year.

Thousands of New Yorkers will be taking the day off from work and traveling from all parts of the state—from Buffalo to Brookhaven—to be in Albany with us on Tuesday, April 28. LGBT New Yorkers, our families and allies from the faith, organized labor and business communities will have face-to-face meetings with their State Senators to let them know that we expect them to pass the marriage bill this year. Our patience is running out because our families cannot wait any longer.”

Click here to email your Assemblymember and Senator to let them know you want them to support and pass the marriage equality bill.

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