Thursday, April 30, 2009

Morning Sweep

Paul Schindler’s Gay City News coverage of Equality & Justice Day takes a comprehensive look at what was accomplished on April 28 and the work still to come in the fight for marriage equality, the Dignity for All Students Act and GENDA.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the federal hate crimes bill yesterday, 249-175.

New Hampshire has moved a step closer to passing a marriage equality bill, with both the Senate and House passing their own versions. The bills must now be reconciled before the legislation can go to Gov. Lynch, who is against same-sex marriage but has not indicated whether he will veto it.

Unfortunately, NH has also unanimously voted down the state’s gender identity non-discrimination bill. Looks like there's still much work to be done in The Granite State...

A marriage equality vote in Maine’s Senate will likely happen soon.

There’s lots of buzz about Howard Stern’s statement of support for marriage for same-sex couples on his show yesterday. (Warning: his declaration of acceptance is far from PC…but then again, it’s Howard Stern, so that’s a given).

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