Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Equality & Justice Day - "Why not sign up?"

Below is the next post in our series of E&J stories. Check back for more – and don’t forget to register for E&J Day – the deadline is THIS FRIDAY to guarantee your bus seat and legislative visit!

Frank Cappadona, New City:

On my first Equality and Justice Day in 2008, I wondered, Why did I sign up?” Now, that day resides in my memory as a significant event for me, one of those times that I felt I was doing something in support of my gay child and of other people’s children, whether adult or otherwise, whether gay or otherwise. More importantly, I derived a kind of strength and satisfaction from that day--the kind that one gets when doing something that simultaneously feels good, just and honorable. I guess it’s as close as I could get to feeling spiritual without meditating or being in church. It was a feeling of community with over a thousand people, though I do not know 99 percent of them.

What got me to go to E&J Day last year was the idea of reasoning with legislators to do the right thing as well as to add to our numbers of supporters. Those are still good reasons for anyone to go. However, what’s getting me there this time is different. I want to show a face of one “plain-vanilla” person who wants equality and justice for LGBT New Yorkers. In my case, that is a 60-something-year-old retiree, a Catholic, a husband, a father, a grandfather and one who now says, “Why not sign up?”

Why not, indeed? Join us in Albany for Equality & Justice Day -- click here to register. Sign up now – the deadline to be guaranteed transportation and a legislative visit is April 10!

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