Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Morning Sweep

Timothy Dolan will become the Archbishop of New York today, and despite his not being perfect on our issues – he opposes same-sex marriage -- the Pride Agenda’s Alan Van Capelle says he looks forward to forming a dialogue with him. “My stance is one of conversation, not confrontation,” said Van Capelle. “There are many core values that we share.”

A NY appeals court has ruled that the former partner of the biological mother of a 5-year-old boy does not have visitation rights of the child, who she never legally adopted. The women had a civil union in Vermont and registered their relationship under New York City’s domestic partner law, but the court ruled that the partner has no right to seek visitation or custody “even though that party may have developed a long-standing, loving and nurturing relationship with the child.”

The New York Times Magazine features an extended story on the rising popularity of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, which is based in Nigeria and popular among Nigerian immigrants in NYC. The Church preaches an intense intolerance of gays, encouraging members to denounce other gay congregants and blaming homosexuality for many of society’s problems.

In protest of rampant homophobia in Jamaica, demonstrators at Stonewall tomorrow night will dump the bar’s supplies of Red Stripe Beer and Myer's Rum.

A new gay Republican organization called GOProud has some interesting perspectives on what it means to be both gay and conservative.

Amazon’s “glitch” leading to the de-ranking of many LGBT books has become a major PR nightmare for the company.

A Huffington Post blogger argues humorously that it’s time for environmentalists to take note – all the paperwork gay couples have to file in lieu of legal marriage kills a lot of trees!

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