Thursday, April 2, 2009

Morning Sweep

Syracuse University is considering a plan called "grossing up" that would essentially make up the difference in salary that its legally married gay and lesbian employees are forced to pay when they are taxed on their spousal benefits.

Love Makes A Family, the LGBT rights group formed to win family recognition legislation in Connecticut, has decided to close shop after 10 years and winning marriage equality. "We accomplished our core purpose," said Executive Director Anne Stanback about the decision.

Marc Ambinder suggests that the confirmation of John Berry as Director of the Office of Personnel Management would be the catalyst for President Obama to issue an executive order banning discrimination against all LGBT employees of the federal government.

Iowa's Supreme Court may hand down its long-awaited marriage ruling tomorrow morning.

Queerty produces an interesting graphic they call the"2009 Gay Marriage Horse Race" and strangely neglects to include New York--the state where the blog is based.

The Daily Beast interviews openly gay Congressman Barney Frank and discusses subjects ranging from Justice Scalia to former Senator Larry Craig.

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