Friday, April 10, 2009

Equality & Justice Day - “We get to show them our families and our community”

Below is the last post in our series of E&J stories before TODAY'S deadline to register for E&J Day to guarantee your seat on a bus and your legislative visit.

Eileen Novack, Long Island:

When I first attended Equality and Justice Day back in 2006, I was not really sure what to expect. How many folks actually turn out for this thing? What are we supposed to do while spending the entire day in Albany? Is it worth it to spend hours getting to Albany, just to see your representatives for ten minutes? What am I going to say to them anyway? Why am I going?

What I found out was that the Empire State Pride Agenda does an excellent job organizing this event each year, and they have answers to all of those questions. I found that there were almost a thousand people in attendance that year and that there is plenty to see and do during the day – meetings on the issues and how to talk to your representatives, speakers and a rally, and the personal meetings with your Assemblymember and Senator.

I really liked the fact that on this day, the LGBT people of New York get to bring to our elected officials’ attention that we have borne the brunt of injustice for far too long. We get to remind them that we deserve the same rights and responsibilities that the non-LGBT community enjoys. We get to tell them that they are representing ALL of the people in their district, including us. We get to tell them our stories. We get to show them our families and our community. We get to ask them directly for their support, and we get to ask why if they don't give it.

This will be my fourth year attending. I don't ask why anymore. I just go.

Just go! Click here to register NOW for Equality & Justice Day - the deadline is today!

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