Friday, May 11, 2007

Marriage bill officially has bipartisan support

Teresa Sayward, a Republican Assemblymember from Upstate New York, indicated her support for marriage equality legislation to us last fall (2006) during our endorsement process.

According to LA-based (and active Log Cabiner) Boi From Troy, Sayward announced at the Log Cabin convention in Denver last weekend that she is going to put her name on the marriage bill as a co-sponsor this year. This will make Sayward the first Republican co-sponsor of New York's marriage bill (although a couple others support the bill, none have to this point become co-sponsors).

We hope Sayward's leadership on this issue will influence others in her conference.


Tom Hroncich said...

This is great news. ESPA and/or the Log Cabin Republicans should speak with Phil Boyle (R-East Islip) on sponsoring the marriage bill. As far back as 1999's lobby day, Boyle expressed support for marriage equality. His inclusion on the bill could be used to sway any Democratic fence-sitters on Long Island to be added to the bill as well.

NY Political Addict said...

It's so interesting that ESPA continues down the undemocratic path of lining up alleged commitments of support rather than pursuing an open hearing process in the Assembly Judiciary Committe on the two marriage bills. Only with hearings and a Committee vote to send a bill to the floor will supporters and opponents of same-sex marriage be able to identify their allies and enemies. Why is Assembly Judiciary Chairwoman Weinstein, a Brooklyn Democrat, given such a free ride on this issue?