Friday, May 25, 2007

Morning Sweep

Isaiah Washington's PSA calling for an end to name calling based on "sexual orientation, race or gender" aired during a repeat of Grey's Anatomy last night and directed people, interestingly enough, to (rather than the organization's .org URL). The .com site seems to have been set up specifically for the traffic generated by the PSA.

Because the United Methodist Church has no specified ban on transgender clergy, Rev. Drew Phoenix (formerly Ann Gordon) is allowed to remain a minister at a Maryland congregation. The congregants are fully supportive.

Mitt Romney says that he is not anti-gay, he's just anti-gay marriage because it's not "in the best interest of children."

John Edwards, possibly responding to claims that he's not so gay friendly, came out publicly in favor of the Uniting American Families Act, which would provide the same immigration rights for binational same-sex couples as currently exists for binational opposite-sex couples.

Edwards also answered HRC's LGBT rights questionnaire, and Pam Spaulding has all of his answers.

Controversy in Albany--among Democrats--over proposed legislation that would require H.I.V. testing of all indicted rape suspects.

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