Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The (W)rath of Mary Lou

We've heard of some great legislative meetings today, many of them resulting in scorecard movement (which we'll talk about more in a later post). There's one however, that we found to be quite dispicable: Republican Mary Lou Rath, a Buffalo-area State Senator, flat out denied a constituent a meeting this morning.

Now, we know that elected officials are busy people, but what are they if not directly responsible to the people who they represent? This constituent, 23-year old Paul Neenos, dropped by Senator Rath's office simply to request a quick conversation, but was instantly rebuffed by a staffer who said: "we're not meeting with any of you people today."

Any of you people?

What's more is that Paul's family (almost certainly unbeknownst to the Senator, because there was no time for explanation) knows Ms. Rath personally pretty well. How embarrassing.

We hope that this note is circulated widely among Senator Rath's constituents, and that they remind her who exactly it is that hired her--and who can fire her.

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