Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Morning Sweep

New York City's PrideFest has been denied its wish to move from its traditional West Village location to Eighth Ave in Chelsea.

The openly gay leader of Canada's Parti Quebecois has resigned his post due to the party's poor performance in recent elections.

Looks like Catholics don't have the monopoly on homophobia in Italy.

Rochester's Gay Alliance of Genesee Valley received its first-ever federal grant ($25,000) to boost the group's health and human services outreach.

Oregon's governor will sign two major pieces of pro-LGBT legislation today: one making discrimination based on sexual orientation illegal and one providing for domestic partnerships.

State Senator and DOMA-sponsor Serphin Maltese (R-Queens) already has a challenger lined up for the 2008 elections. Maltese just barely won his last election, with very little attention paid by NYS Dems.

The Today Show was unusually gay-inclusive today, and Good As You has the footage to prove it.

If you support marriage equality and you live in a district represented by any of these lawmakers, I'd suggest letting them know how you feel about their statements. (you can find contact info for all of them here)

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