Monday, May 14, 2007

Morning Sweep

The New York Times raises the curtain on the first-ever state court case looking at whether or not civil unions are "separate but unequal" institutions.

Also from the Times: an editorial calling for the NYS legislature to pass the Family Health Care Decisions Act, which would allow for family members to act as decision makers in cases where patients cannot decide for themselves. The editorial notes that Republicans in the NYS Senate have held up the bill because it includes same-sex partners in the definition of family.

A gay couple of 35 years was selected to marshall Staten Island's Pride March on June 2.

Crain's New York makes the business case for marriage equality in New York.

Christine Quinn ranks an impressive #3 on the New York Post's 50 Most Powerful Women list. Only Hillary Clinton and Diane Sawyer ranked ahead of her.

NYC's PRIDEFest has been cancelled. This does not in any way, however, affect the Pride March.

Andy Towle points out the double standard that gay artists sometime face when displaying their work.

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