Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Morning Sweep

Russia's gay pride "celebration" turned nasty as protesters made good on their promise to spill blood at the rally. Among the attacked were members of the European Parliament. Unsurprisingly, Russian authorities did nothing to prevent or stop the violent behavior of the anti-gay mob.

Binghamton's Pride Palooza coincides this year with Frankin Graham's (son of Billy) evangelical conference, which is expected to bring 10,000 people to Binghamton University. Binghamton Mayor Matthew Ryan says that he'll still be raising the "gay flag" at City Hall on June 1 for the start of pride month.

Outcome Buffalo provides a list of Buffalo's Pride Events starting June 2 and running through the end of the month.

A boardwalk in Staten Island is the latest target for "cleanup," as it's been identified as a popular rendezvous spot for gay men. While public lewdness laws should certainly be upheld, we hope that some of the city's straight-oriented "lover's lanes" will equal application of the law.

A New York Post columnist mentions Kirk Snyder's book, "The G Quotient: Why Gay Executives Are Excelling as Leader," which claims that at least five Fortune 500 CEOs are gay and closeted.

One of the world's most famous university towns now has a transgender mayor.

A gay groom boutique is set to open in Barcelona, Spain, where gay marriage is legal. Looking at the prices of just the tuxedos proves that gay marriage can be great for the economy!

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