Thursday, May 3, 2007

Results of the Hate Crimes Vote - the New York Delegation

The federal Hate Crimes bill passed the house this afternoon by a vote of 237 for, 180 against and 16 not voting. An interesting debate took place before the vote.

Here's how New York's Representatives voted:

Ackerman (D): Yea
Arcuri (D): Yea
Bishop (D): Yea
Clarke (D): Yea
Crowley (D): Yea
Engel (D): Not Voting
Fossella (R): Nay
Gillibrand (D): Yea
Hall (D): Yea
Higgins (D): Yea
Hinchey (D): Yea
Israel (D): Yea
King (R): Nay
Kuhl (R): Yea
Lowey (D): Yea
Maloney (D): Yea
McCarthy (D): Yea
McHugh (R): Nay
McNulty (D): Yea
Meeks (D): Yea
Nadler (D): Yea
Rangel (D): Yea
Reynolds (R): Nay
Serrano (D): Yea
Slaughter (D): Yea
Towns (D): Yea
Velazquez (D): Yea
Walsh (R): Yea
Weiner (D): Yea

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