Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Morning Sweep

The New York Sun reports on Gov. Spitzer's memo is support of the marriage bill he introduced last month.

On the same day that Spitzer's marriage bill was announced, the NYS Dept. of Civil Services also announced that spouses of gay state and local government employees (married in places like Massachusetts or Canada, etc.) would now be eligible for benefits like all other spouses. Open enrollment for into the NYS Health Insurance Plan is going on throughout May. More on that here.

Ft. Lauderdale Airport has fired an employee for making an anti-gay remark over the airport intercom.

Gawker has some follow-up on the transgender sportswriter story.

The U.S. Navy has recalled an openly gay sailor who had been previously discharged for violating "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Said the sailor's superior: "he’s better than the average sailor at his job."


Paul said...

Concerning the Sailor being recalled by the US Navy despite his previously being discharged because he is openly gay (in defiance of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell") shows a new tide that even institutions as strictly conservative as the Armed Services are now understanding that being a member of the LGBT community has nothing to do with job performance, not to mention, parenting, positive member of the community or any other preconceived notion that our critics may have.

J.Friedman said...

Petty Officer Knight is a true American hero. I applaud him. We all should. I wonder what Gen. Pace would say? There is no one on higher moral ground than Officer Knight. To defend a country that kicked him out, wow!!!