Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Morning Sweep

Always editorializing, the NY Post's Fred Dicker writes about growing support for gay marriage among New York voters younger than 55, "strongly suggesting time is on the side of those favoring the radical move." (emphasis added)

Assembly Democrats conferenced the marriage bill last night.

LGBT rights advocates in the Hudson Valley will be honored at GLSEN's Hudson Valley gala for their work on making schools a safer place for LGBT students.

After 100 days, plenty of evidence suggests that civil unions in New Jersey are not the separate-but-equal institution that lawmakers insisted it would be.

Lots of Jerusalem officials are unhappy about a new tourism ad campaign encouraging gays and lesbians to visit the Holy Land. As if they don't have bigger problems to worry about.

Writing as a guest blogger on Bilerico, Family Pride Executive Director Jennifer Chrisler discusses Mary Cheney's noticeable absence in the widely distributed photo of new son Sam with grandma and grandpa Cheney.


J.Friedman said...

Does anyone know exactly what a normative defect is? The deputy P.M. of Israel states gays suffer from it. I do not know what type of doctor I need to go to to cure this defect.

Paul said...

It still amazes me that the Cheney family is receiving any attention on this subject. It is clear that they, including Mary and her partner Heather Poe, have no regard for the gross display of discrimination that they themselves are examples of. I truly hope that one day it becomes amply clear the Vice President and Mrs. Cheney that not only is their own daughter not an equal to her peers or parents, but that their grandchild is legally apart of a single parent home.

Bil Browning said...

Thanks for the linkety-love! You might also be interested in yesterday's guest post by HRC Regional Field Director Colin O'Dea. Colin was present when New Hampshire Governor John Lynch signed the civil unions bill and blogs about it.

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